Web Resources for CSS, XML and XHTML

Steven Pemberton


The examples have been chosen as examples of real-world documents. With all the examples you should save them, and add a link to your own style sheet. NB: IE 5 reformats HTML files when you save them. Use View Source instead, and save from there. (Example solutions will be added in the near future)

A Basic HTML Document

This document was produced by using Save As HTML from a word processor.

A Well-produced hand-tailored HTML Document

An Online Journal Article Formatted with GIFs

Take any article from any issue ( for instance this one) and reformat it using CSS. (This requires changes to the HTML). Here are some characters you need: fsT md@

An XML Document

Save this as an XML file, remove any links to a stylesheet, remove the DOCTYPE and the xmlns, and have a look what it looks like in your browser. Then add an xml-stylesheet link to an empty file, and have a look again what it looks like (these are the browser defaults you can see). Now start building up the style sheet.